5 Benefits of Dental Implants in Lighthouse Point

One of the first things people notice is our smile. Though we all have different teeth, most of us can agree that having straight, beautiful teeth gives us more confidence, assertiveness, and comfort. Alongside how we feel, replacing missing teeth is beneficial to our overall health. When even one tooth is missing, we may end up experiencing more issues as a result. Missing teeth will leave your mouth on a fast track to deterioration and destruction, not to mention pain. Before this happens, our professionals at Sedation Dental Spa of South Florida can assist you in giving the best dental implants available in Lighthouse Point.

There are many advantages to dental implants. Here are 5:

Many people think that with missing teeth, it’s impossible to tell from the outside, however, when teeth are missing, the jawbone begins to deteriorate. Quickly, the jawbone fades, as well as the external view of one’s face. The lower face creates a shriveled effect, wrinkles form, and lips begin to fold in. Dental implants help to tell your jaw that there is in fact, a need for the jaw to stick around. Dental implants even make you look younger!

A major reason many individuals decide to get implants is because of the lack of self-confidence missing teeth can bring. This is extremely common, and completely understandable. At Sedation Dental Spa of South Florida, we’ll be able to give you an entirely new appearance and sense of beauty. There’s no need to walk around feeling like you can’t eat or smile in public. Mimicking real teeth, you’ll have your confidence restored.

An amazing plus to dental implants is that the results are immediate. Usually we can have everything done within one appointment, or at least within a few. This gives clients less anticipation, allowing them to chew, smile, and talk with ease right away.

There are many ways to replace missing teeth, but dental implants are by far the safest and least invasive. Other alternatives may include harsh grinding, or using clasps that break down your gum tissue. Why fix one issue and start another? At Sedation Dental Spa of South Florida, we want to make sure that we’re offering the safest and most efficient options possible.

With dental implants, your entire life will change for the better. Eating will no longer be i a chore, nor will you have to worry about the awful side effects of dentures, like their unsightliness and mess.

At Sedation Dental Spa of South Florida, we know that having a beautiful set of teeth is a huge confident booster. Using an amazing team and quality products, we know that you’ll be happy with your results when you leave. If you’re searching for dental implants in Lighthouse Point, please call us today. The sooner we can get you scheduled, the sooner you’ll have an award winning, dazzling smile.