5 Benefits of Dental Reconstruction in Lighthouse Point

Nothing says confidence quite like a beautiful smile. When we aren’t happy with our smiles, it makes doing daily activities full of self-conscious emotions. We simply cannot talk, eat, or laugh with others, without worrying about our missing teeth. Thankfully, at Sedation Spa of South Florida, we offer options for those who are considering dental reconstruction in Lighthouse Point. We know how wonderful it is to feel comfortable in your body, allow us to tell you how dental reconstruction can help.

Teeth Are Part of the Design
Our bodies simply aren’t equipped to handle a mouth without teeth. In fact, when we begin to lose our teeth, our jaw naturally begins to disintegrate. Our jawbones think that because there are no teeth, there really isn’t a reason for our jaws. This then cause the skin around our mouths to droop significantly, becoming wrinkled and loosened.

It’s no secret that healthy looking teeth give an aura of confidence. All of a sudden, a new smile can completely change the way people carry themselves. Our smiles are usually what people notice first. No more worrying about your smile. There are options!

Bone Loss Reversal
As mentioned, when we begin to loose our teeth, our jawbones begin to fade as well. In fact, osteoporosis can end up in the jaw because of this. When we have our teeth, we can chew with more ease. This allows us to ingest healthier food, strengthening our bones, and our bodies.

Overall Health
As briefly mentioned in benefit #3, having beautiful, full teeth allows us to chew and consume healthier food. When we don’t have a full set of pearly whites, our diets are limited. Dental implants act as real teeth, looking exactly the same. It’s often surprising to people how important our teeth are to our overall health.

Quick Results
Dental implants are a fairly fast procedure, able to be done within a day in some cases. This means that you’ll be able to walk in self-conscious, and out into the world self-confident!

At Sedation Spa of South Florida, we know the benefits of having a healthy, beautiful smile outweigh living with missing teeth. You don’t have to live thoughtful of every interaction. We recommend getting dental reconstruction as soon as you realize you’re in need. Otherwise, costs, pain, and destruction may add up, leaving you wishing you had been more proactive. Our knowledgeable team can give you the teeth you’ve been wishing for. If you’ve been considering dental reconstruction in Lighthouse Point, please come see us. Don’t see what waiting looks like. Act now, and receive your beautiful, new smile.