5 Benefits of Invisalign in Lighthouse Point

When our teeth aren’t straight and perfect, we can tend to think that we’re the only ones. We have a hard time smiling at strangers and tend to be very self-conscious about speaking. In the past, braces were the only solution to the pending problem. Unfortunately, braces didn’t make anybody feel better! They were hard to eat with, invasive, and not incognito at all. Fortunately, these days, with medical advancements and new technology, the dental community welcomed Invisalign. Now, Invisalign is one of the most sought-after solutions for crooked teeth. In this article, we’ve highlighted a few of our top advantages for Invisalign, and how it can help you to feel more confident, both in the short term and throughout your life! 

  • Be Comfortable with Invisalign in Lighthouse Point 

The number one reason to choose Invisalign is for comfort. As mentioned above, traditional braces were quite invasive, painful, and they had a bad reputation for cutting the cheeks of patients. This was a well-known fact, but because there weren’t other options available, everyone took this as something they must live with. Invisalign is barely noticeable, both from those passing by and for the individual wearing them. They’re designed to pull the teeth together, without making the patient suffer. 

  • An Undercover Approach

Another reason people love Invisalign is because of its incognito approach. This means that Invisalign isn’t able to be easily detected. This is an excellent advantage for people of all ages, especially those who are young or those who are much older. When we’re younger, children can be quite mean. Traditional braces were easily something to be made fun of, whereas Invisalign stays invisible. As an older adult, people can feel that they’re behind the times. With Invisalign, people will never need to know they’re in the process of healing their smiles! 

  • A Safer Option

Traditional braces have a bad history of damaging the teeth and the gums. The metal edges, as discussed above, could easily cut into the person’s cheek, leaving them very uncomfortable, and always searching for solutions. Invisalign, on the other hand, doesn’t cut into the flesh and it allows you to avoid the sharper aspects of more traditional methods. 

  • It’s All About Speed

When you’re repairing your teeth, you want to spend as little time as possible trying to fix them. Sure, Invisalign is invisible, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t wait to have your regular teeth back without all of the hardware. Invisalign offers a much faster healing approach, in comparison to some of the more traditional models. 

  • Feel Better, Look Great 

Last, but not least, Invisalign offers a significant self-confidence boost for those that wear them. Not only do wearers have the opportunity to heal their smiles without others noticing, but as their teeth come together, they find an ever-expanding sense of self-confidence. When we feel like our smiles are beautiful, we do better in interviews, make friends more easily, and gain access to natural charm and charisma. There’s nothing better than feeling like your smile gives you access to the world! 


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