Are Porcelain Veneers a Good Idea for Tooth Restoration?

Porcelain veneers are all the rage these days. Veneers are tooth-colored shells that are used to cover teeth and enhance people’s smiles, and they are especially useful for teeth that are malformed, severely chipped, or discolored. Veneers are also used for those whose teeth do not respond to traditional whitening treatments. While veneers carry a decent price tag, they are increasingly preferred by those who need tooth restoration because they carry numerous benefits.


Veneers Are Quick and Easy to Apply

Veneers are not difficult to apply. A patient who desires to use veneers for tooth restoration must see a cosmetic dentist twice, and then the process is complete.


Veneers Provide a Natural Look

Veneers not only improve patients’ smiles but also provide a natural look. In fact, veneers look so natural that others will not even know that tooth restoration has even taken place. There is no clear indication of where the real teeth end and where veneers begin.


Veneers Are Completely Customizable

Patients can design veneers to fit their facial structure and their personal tastes. Veneers can be designed to appear more masculine or feminine, and they can also be given a softer or a more natural touch.


Teeth Become Stronger

Because the veneers are crafted from porcelain, they strengthen the teeth. Teeth are not prone to breakage or chipping once the veneers have been applied to the teeth. Veneers made from porcelain are stronger than those made from other materials.


They Are Longer Lasting

Veneers are highly favored because of how long they last. Veneers constructed from porcelain tend to last approximately 20 years before any additional touchups are needed.


Little Preparation Is Required

Unlike crowns that sometimes require a great deal of preparation before they can be applied, little preparation is needed to restore teeth using veneers. In fact, the teeth barely need to be altered. Sometimes the teeth may need to be etched to ensure a good fit, but not much is required beyond that.


What Is involved in Getting Veneers?

The process for getting veneers is simple and straightforward. The steps for attaching veneers to teeth are as follows:


  • The patient will see a cosmetic dentist who will take impressions of the teeth and send them off to a lab for fabrication.
  • Once the veneers are ready for use, the dentist will check that they fit properly. If the veneers have a good fit, the dentist will attach them to the teeth.
  • Once veneers are set, they are shaped and polished to sport a natural appearance.


If you want to restore your teeth and effortlessly brighten your smile, veneers made of porcelain will do the trick. In no time at all, you can transform your teeth and enhance your appearance. Sedation Dental Spa serves patients in the greater Lighthouse Point, FL, and Miramar areas, and we make patient comfort and satisfaction our top priority. Contact us by visiting our website or stop in to visit our Miramar or Lighthouse Point, FL locations, and we will give you a smile that will turn heads in seconds.