Who Should You Call for Emergency Dental Care in Lighthouse Point?

Whether your child needs a routine checkup, or your tooth is loose and is giving you some pain, you’ll want the best dentist to call for emergency dental care in Lighthouse Point. Let’s face it—we all have busy active lives with work, school, sports activities, or just jogging up the street—and dental accidents can happen anytime and any place. Whatever the situation may be, if your teeth are giving you pain, you can trust Sedation Dental Spa in Lighthouse Point to get you the help you need right away. Your dental experience with us begins and ends with a stress-free visit. First, we will carefully be diagnosing the problem and then administer treatment. What’s more, our sedation options will ensure that your entire experience will be pain-free. 

How is Sedation Dental Spa in Lighthouse Point Different? 

What makes Sedation Dental Spa in Lighthouse Point different? –our caring professional medical team, for one. At Sedation Dental Spa, our goal is for your visit to go smoothly and stress-free. We know that not everyone loves to visit the dentist, but rest assured, we are dedicated to your dental health today and for years to come. And what’s more is that we offer pain-free sedation options. So, let us know if you’ll want to discuss that at your next appointment. Now, sit back and relax in our soothing environment and trust us to get you back on the road to total dental health.  

At Sedation Dental Spa, our credentials speak for themselves. We are members of the American Dental Association, the Florida Dental Association, and the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology. We are also members of the Dental Association for Conscious Sedation. Whether you’re looking for an experienced dentist for emergencies or you need a great neighborhood dentist, we take care of all of your cosmetic and emergency needs in our state-of-the-art dental office. Call Sedation Dental Spa in Light House Point today at 954-946-8484.