Call Sedation Dental for Emergency Dental Care in Lighthouse Point

Dental accidents tend to happen after-hours or on weekends when your dentist’s office is closed. Accidents range in severity and pain. That’s why it’s crucial to have a plan set into place if you need emergency dental care in Lighthouse Point, especially in the event of these following emergency examples.

Breaking or Losing a Tooth Calls for Emergency Dental Care in Lighthouse Point

One of the most common situations that lead people to call an emergency dentist has to do with knocked-out teeth, or chipped teeth. This accident can happen in many ways, including playing, sports, or being hit by something. For chipped teeth, dentist recommends that they are placed in a glass of milk for safekeeping.

Pain & Bleeding

Two other types of causes for an emergency dentist. The pain of a toothache can be unbearable, while consistent and uncontrollable bleeding is also alarming. Dentists can give their patients medication for pain relief. For bleeding, it’s best to keep pressure applied until a dentist can take a look and determine the cause.

Missing Crown

Luckily, a lost crown isn’t fatal, but it is a problem that needs to be addressed by a professional. A small amount of petroleum jelly can be placed on the base of the cap to hold it into place until a dentist can secure it.

Biting the Tongue

Some extreme scenarios require an ER, but for small tongue wounds or even lip wounds, a dentist can aid in relieving pain and assessing the damage. As mentioned, placing pressure upon the injured area can help immensely before arriving at the dentist office.

A dental emergency can occur at any time, which means it’s crucial that families have an emergency plan in place. Sedation Dental Spa offers emergency dental care in Lighthouse Point, making themselves available for unscheduled, urgent appointments. They also provide patients with the option of sedation during procedures, so that they may be more comfortable and less intimidated. If you’re looking for an emergency dental professional, trust Dr. Michael Gorman for all of your emergency needs. Sedation Dental Spa has a vast array of knowledge in the dental field, making their team an incredible option for every type of situation. When you need an emergency dentist, call 954-946-8484.