Where Can I Find an Experienced Dental Reconstruction Dentist in Miramar?

With all of the junk food and sweets that Americans consume every day, the sugar content can literally wreak havoc with our teeth. And, unfortunately, sometimes people don’t visit the dentist when they should. This results in a variety of problems that if left untreated can only become worse over time. It’s important to be proactive when it comes to your dental health. The reality of today is that more and more people need dental reconstruction because they neglected the daily care of their teeth.  But fortunately, there are still options available to you. Dental Reconstruction can help you regain your dental health and more importantly, your smile. The specialists at Sedation Dental Spa of South Florida can help guide you through the reconstruction process.

Why Should You Consider Dental Reconstruction?

Like anything that goes untreated or undetected over time, your oral health may begin to decline. You may already be at that point because either you haven’t taken the time to visit the dentist regularly, or maybe you’ve been consuming too much alcohol or sweets. Of course, drugs and cigarettes are also among the many things that can wreak havoc with your teeth, not to mention your overall health.

Dental reconstruction may be necessary if you have the following:

  • Periodontal disease – bone graphing is needed as a result of this gum infection that wears away your bone over time.
  • Dentures/Bridgework – May be needed due to a root canal or other bone or gum issue
  • Trauma – perhaps you were involved in some sort of accident that resulted in a fractured tooth
  • Misalignment – braces or a mouth guard for grinding may be recommended by your dentist
  • Cysts or tumors- Usually require some form of surgery
  • Developmental deformities – may be distinguished by missing sections of the teeth, facial bones, jaw bones or the skull.

Step into our soothing office and speak with one of our friendly staff. We are here to service all of your oral health needs. Whatever procedure you need, our caring team will guide you throughout the entire procedure which we guarantee will be pain-free. Our lead doctor, Dr. Michael Gorman, has years of experience in reconstruction dentistry and has dedicated his life and career to helping people maintain excellent oral health. For more information on dental reconstruction in Miramar, contact Sedation Dental Spa at (954) 433-4300. To read more about dental reconstruction and what else our dental office offers for you and your family, please visit us at www.sedationdentalspa.com.  We’ve got your back (and mouth) covered!