Examples of When You May Need Emergency Dental Care in Miramar

Accidents rarely seem to happen during regular, weekday business hours. Dental accidents that may require emergency dental care in Miramar are no exception. How do we know when we should seek out professional help immediately? This guide will help you to identify when to make it an emergency call and just when to schedule an appointment.

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One of the most significant causes of dental emergencies comes from broken or chipped teeth. The first step is to wash your mouth out with warm salt water to avoid any pain. To prevent further damage or breakage, see a professional as soon as possible. Sometimes, instead of a break, you may lose your filling or crown. Though this may seem like a simple, missing piece, it’s one of the number one causes of emergency repairs in the dental field! Having a dentist re-apply the filling or crown can save you a lot of pain.

Both chipped teeth and unprotected teeth can lead to toothaches, but what about when you’re merely experiencing excruciating pain for seemingly no reason? There are many reasons you may be suffering a spur of the moment toothache. Though it may seem like a fluke, don’t take your chances! Additionally, you may have experienced bleeding gums, but have you made it a priority to have them checked? Bleeding gums can be a sign of more significant problems, and it would be best to ask an expert why your gums are not at their best.

Last, but certainly not least, are exposed nerves. If you’ve experienced exposed nerves, then you know how painful this can be. Using sugarless gum as a “Band-Aid” until you can get an appointment may save you a few aches. Regardless, it’s crucial that you see a dentist immediately.

At Sedation Dental Spa, we know that emergency dental care in Miramar is needed from time to time, which is why you’ll need a dentist you can trust. We provide emergency appointments for those individual cases that can’t wait. Whether you’re experiencing one or more of these emergency issues or you’re looking to add an emergency contact to your list, Sedation Dental Spa is here to help. Give us a call today at (954) 433 – 4300.