Facts You Should Know About Dental Reconstruction

Often, we don’t truly appreciate the things we have until they become the things we had. Things like health, mobility, and living pain-free are easy to take for granted until life snatches them away. Dental emergencies like chipped, broken, or missing teeth can be equal parts debilitating and humiliating. Often, these issues requires some form of dental reconstruction in Miramar, either through implantation, caps, or bridges. These dental procedures are for more than aesthetics and vanity; they have various benefits. Here’s five facts you need to know about dental reconstruction. 

There’s Evidence of Dental Reconstruction Dating Back to Ancient Times 

Archaeologists and historians have found evidence of dental reconstructive surgery dating back at least 4,000 years to early China. While these procedures weren’t nearly as advanced as modern day dental reconstruction in Miramar, they did show understanding of basic oral health and anatomy. From bamboo plugs to animal teeth and human tooth transplants, dental reconstruction is seen in various forms throughout human history. Today, though, modern medicine and technological advancements have created more realistic, life-like and safe options for dental reconstruction. 

Titanium Bonds to the Bone 

The most common material used for dental reconstruction in Miramar and across the country is titanium. That is due to one of the more unique qualities of the metallic element: it bonds to the bone of your jaw. This chemical reaction creates a perfect fusion between the two materials, providing a water tight seal. As a natural anti-bacterial material, titanium can also help to prevent infections in the gums and surrounding tissues. 

Implants Protect the Health of Other Teeth 

As the most common form of oral reconstruction, dental implants offer more than a full, beautiful smile. Replacing missing teeth or bridging gaps helps to protect the health of your remaining healthy teeth. The structural support of these implants prevents tooth shifting that can cause damage to the enamel and leave one vulnerable to infection. They also improve the strength of your teeth and jaws through osteointegration. 


Titanium, as previously mentioned, bonds well with bone. This bonding is called osteointegration, which in turn strengthens and supports the bone itself. While it’s not the same as having a steel jaw, the dental reconstruction in Miramar prevents future fractures, cracks, and decay. Osteointegration was first discovered while researching dental applications of the element, but is now used for several other types of surgeries. 

Durable and Easy to Maintain 

We know our oral hygiene is important to our overall health, but nothing quite highlights that like a dental emergency requiring reconstructive procedures. Thankfully, most modern implants are easy to maintain through proper dental care. Regular checkups with your dentist can assure there are no concerns regarding loose or missing caps, cracks, or other failures. While these issues are uncommon, early detection and preventive measures are always better than another emergency dental visit. 

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