For Fast Results Call on the #1 Emergency Dentist in Lighthouse Point

A dental emergency always seems to happen on the weekend, when you are out of town or when your regular dentist is away on vacation. When you have a dental emergency like a cracked or chipped tooth, tooth abscess, or severe toothache there is no time to waste. You need to visit an emergency dentist in Lighthouse Point right away.

At Sedation Dental Spa, we know that our patients can’t predict when they will have a dental emergency, so we make an effort to be there when you call, even on weekends. At Sedation Dental Spa, we have several options to make you as comfortable as possible during any dental procedure including nitrous oxide, local anesthesia, IV sedation, and oral medications. We want to make sure that your dental experience with us is as comfortable as possible. 

What are the common dental emergencies that Sedation Dental Spa can help with?

There are certain dental emergencies that require an immediate appointment with an emergency dentist. Obviously not every dental pain requires an immediate visit to the dentist, but there are some that are considered more worrisome than others. The longer a patient waits to be seen by a dentist, the more the risk of infection. For instance, in the case of a knocked-out tooth, if we see you right away, the odds are we’ll be able to save your tooth. Call the medical team at Sedation Dental Spa immediately if you have:

  1. A broken or cracked tooth
  2. A tooth abscess
  3. An object stuck between your teeth
  4. A very severe toothache with swelling

How can you reach an emergency dentist in Lighthouse Point?

Sedation Dental Spa is an emergency dentist in Lighthouse Point, and we specialize in all types of emergency situations. We know that dental emergencies don’t happen on a schedule and that’s why we are always available to help when they do. If you or someone you know has a dental emergency in Lighthouse Point, call us today in Lighthouse Point at (954) 946-8484.