Should I get dental implants in Miramar and what are the pros and cons?

Are you missing a tooth or two? You may have been living with the missing tooth or teeth for a long time and thought should I get dental implants in Miramar and what are the pros and cons? Sometimes as humans we put our problems or insecurities to the side, who can blame us when life is moving 200 mph! Implant dentistry in Miramar may or may not be for you and the experts at Sedation Dental Spa in Miramar are here to help you find out if it’s for you or not with some pros and cons! 

Pros and Cons of Dental Implants 

The best way to determine whether or not to get dental implants is to do a pro and cons list. There are several pros and cons correlated with getting dental implants, let’s dive right into them! The following are pros: 

  • If you decide to get dental implants you won’t have to worry about it not being permanent because it is! You won’t have to worry about replacing it or getting a new one, after getting dental implants you won’t have to deal with that missing tooth anymore! 
  • You will be comfortable with your dental implants since they feel like natural teeth. 
  • Replacing missing or damaged teeth with dental implants means that you will be able to chew better and your gums and jaw can function in a healthy manner. 
  • You also don’t have to worry about the process hurting, which it would in other dental offices, because we have sedation options available so when you wake up you can wake up to a new smile!  

With every good there comes a bad and that brings us to the cons or negatives of getting dental implants: 

  • The biggest con has to be that it takes time for perfection, you should expect the whole process to take some time because nothing that is perfect happens in 5 minutes! 
  • Normally discomfort would be a con during the procedure but like we mentioned before, you can opt to get sedated during the process so it doesn’t cause you any discomfort. 
  • Another big con is that getting dental implants means you will have to undergo surgery. 

How to get dental implants in Miramar

Do you have pain without a tooth? It’s common to have problems chewing up food and your answer may be to get dental implants in Miramar. If you are looking to undergo the procedure and stop the pain then give our office a call. You don’t have a thing to be afraid of because pain is out the equation with our sedation options. There’s no need to fear about anything especially with our friendly staff available to answer any of your questions, call us and schedule an appointment to gain back that amazing smile!