Why Getting a Tooth Implant in Miramar is a Good Idea

Do you have a missing tooth? Maybe your dentist recommended dental implants but you just aren’t quite sure. Our team at Sedation Dental Spa are here to share with you why getting a tooth implant in Miramar is a good idea! 

First of all, what are dental implants? 

Before you can consider getting a tooth implant you should know what they are! Dental implants look like a screw and they are put in the place of your missing tooth. The implant screw is made of titanium and it goes into your jawbone to fill the empty tooth root. Once the screw like implant is placed in your missing tooth spot, a crown similar to a real tooth will be placed on top to make it look as natural as possible.  

Not getting a tooth implant is a bad idea 

While you may have gotten used to your missing tooth, it isn’t as healthy as you may think to have a tooth gone. As a matter of fact, without teeth you are deteriorating your jaw bone and as your jaw bone deteriorates your appearance will appear sunken in. This can happen as quickly as 12 months after you lose your tooth and this includes extractions. Your missing tooth can also shift and can cause issues such as temporomandibular joint pain or TMJ. TMJ causes your jaw to crack when you open your mouth and can become very painful, especially when you are eating certain foods. 

Why you should get a tooth implant 

Getting a tooth implant does more than make your smile look better. It actually can improve your oral health. As you read earlier without a tooth your face can appear sunken in and with a tooth implant you will stop this from happening. Not only that but you will be able to eat comfortably and tooth implants will aid your bone stimulation as well as its growth. 

Schedule an appointment today! 

Don’t postpone doing anything about your missing tooth because you will regret it when your jaw bone and face appearance starts to deteriorate. You don’t have to worry about a thing at our dental office and you pain should be the last of your worries but if it isn’t, we offer dental services in Miramar here at Sedation Dental Spa. Schedule an appointment today to preserve your dental health!