How Will An Emergency Dentist in Lighthouse Point Help You?

Just imagine having excruciating pain in your mouth that does not go away and becomes worse. At first, you think the pain will dissipate, and everything will be all right, but find out that the pain increases and you experience swelling. You search for a dentist, with most unavailable after hours, on the weekends, or holidays. 

Out of desperation, you go to the emergency room to see if the hospital can offer any assistance. If you experience a situation like this, you are not alone, with someone visiting the ER for dental issues every 15 seconds

Times like these are when you should visit an emergency dentist in Lighthouse Point that is available around the clock. You can seek out the care you want and do so in cost-effective ways. We look at how emergency dental care can be helpful to you during these extreme situations.

When Do You Require Emergency Assistance?

Emergency dental care in Lighthouse Point is when you have something that can’t wait until regular office hours. You need to see a dentist as soon as possible to address a host of issues to include abnormal pain, swelling, infections, missing teeth, and bleeding. In these situations, you want to see an emergency dentist right away regardless of time or day. 

 Sedation Dental Spa can help in these cases, as we are available at off-hours and understand your situation. We will see you as soon as possible, so you can start to feel better after a visit to our offices. 

Immediate Assistance

An emergency dentist in Lighthouse Point will respond to your issues quickly and have you come in for their help. You don’t have to sit and wait, wondering when you will be able to see a dentist. Instead, these professionals make the time to get you in to address the challenges you are facing with your oral health. 

For example, over the Labor Day weekend, you are at a barbecue and bite down wrong on a steak. The bone sticks you in the gums and goes through to the root, hitting the nerves on the left side of your mouth. You try to make the best of things, but the problem becomes progressively worse, and the pain is unbearable. You call your local dentist and find out they can’t see you until five days later. Over the weekend, they are busy playing golf and don’t want to interrupt their leisure time at the country club. 

An emergency dentist is an ideal solution by taking the time to get you into the office, conduct an examination, and treat the problem. You don’t have to sit and suffer because your dentist is too busy enjoying his weekend and doesn’t want you disturbing him. 

Sedation Dental Spa is available in emergencies like this, and we can see you when other dentists are not working. You receive quality treatment from Dr. Gorman, as he is experienced and renowned in dentistry. 

Protecting Your Oral Health

When you are in pain, the longer you wait, the higher the odds that you will lose teeth and have even more issues. The sooner you can see an emergency dentist, the better able we are in preventing an infection from spreading and protecting your teeth. We can stop the swelling and do the necessary treatments to ensure you are feeling better fast.

We will monitor and evaluate the state of your oral health to be sure your condition is not worsening and starts functioning like normal. You are in good hands with an emergency dentist that will see you, treat your issues, and monitor the situation. 

Sedation Dental Spa is your go-to emergency dentist in Lighthouse Point by preventing things from becoming worse and monitoring your oral cavity. No one in South Florida is more professional or can be readily available during those off periods when you have dental issues. 

We Are Ready to Help

An emergency dentist can help you with your oral health issues in those times when other dentists are not available. Call Sedation Dental Spa today at 954-946-8484 and see why our patients give us excellent reviews. We are your go-to dentist for emergency dental assistance when other professionals are not accessible. 

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