Is Sedation Dentistry Safe And Beneficial For You?

Dental visits can be daunting. Regardless of how punctual your teeth-caring routine is, there are still chances that you may get teeth infections or need braces or a root canal. The anxiety folds ten times when your dentist suggests sedation dentistry. 

What is sedation dentistry? Is the procedure safe for you? Are there any advantages and disadvantages of dental sedation? Below we discuss the benefits and limitations of dental sedation to clarify your concerns. 

What Is Sedation Dentistry? 

Sedation dentistry is where dentists relax their patients to carry out dental treatments. As a patient, you may be awake during the treatment but will not feel much pain- or any at all. How sleepy or tired you feel depends on the level of dental sedation you receive. 

For instance, minimal sedation means you feel relaxed but don’t sleep. Deep sedation means you’re barely awake, while general anesthesia means you are wholly unconscious during the treatment. 

There are four types of sedation you can receive, including: 

  • Oral Sedation
  • IV Moderate Sedation
  • Inhaled Sedation
  • Deep Sedation/General Anesthesia 

If you’re wondering, “Is sedation dentistry safe?” Yes, overall, it’s safe. Though, your dentist’s expertise and skills play a crucial role in reducing the risks of every dangerous consequence. 

Benefits Of Sedation Dentistry 

While every dental procedure can have benefits and restrictions, sedation dentistry is typically safe without significant complications. If you’re reluctant to consider sedation, here are four benefits of sedation dentistry to hopefully change your mind! 

You’re Still Conscious

Unless you go for deep sedation and general anesthesia, you don’t lose your consciousness. You’re still awake as the dentist performs the tooth treatment. You can also hear your dentist and respond to them without any hassle. And the best part: you don’t feel any pain as well! 

Doesn’t Require Needles 

Are you scared of needles? Dental sedation will work wonders for you. Sedation dentistry with oral sedation doesn’t involve any needles. So, you can relax as you book your appointment without fretting over something prickling your skin. 

They’re Safe 

All oral sedatives that professional and reputed dentists use are approved by the FDA beforehand. That means low risks for any hazardous side effects in the first place. 

Gain Without Pain! 

Some dental treatments can be intense. But you don’t have to worry about remembering them for the rest of your life. General anesthesia lulls you into a peaceful unconscious state. That prevents the chances of experiencing all possible traumas from your dental treatments. 

Drawbacks Of Sedation Dentistry 

Don’t be too quick in deciding if sedation dentistry is perfect for you or not. Be sure to assess these disadvantages of dental sedation as well. 

You Can’t Drive For Your Appointment 

If you plan to drive yourself to and back for your appointment, you can’t. Even mild sedation may cause slight fogginess in your mind. Driving in such a state can be dangerous not just for you but for others on the road with you. So, you must hence, plan for a safer alternative to take you back home after your dental visit. 

You Pay Extra For Sedation 

Dental costs are heavy on your wallet, but your costs get covered if you have insurance. However, if you want sedation dentistry, you need to pay for that because it’s not included in your dental insurance. So, you need to consider your budget and total costs before selecting dental sedation. 

Slight Side Effects 

Although dental sedation is safe, you may still experience a few unpleasant side effects like blurred eyesight, drowsiness, and fatigue. But they are harmless, and your dental staff will be there to administer the after-effects. It’s why you need experienced dentists who are experts at monitoring your sedation intake. With the right amount of sedation, you wouldn’t experience unusual side effects either.

Book Your Sedation Dental Appointment Today! 

Is sedation safe? Yes- and beneficial as well. Now that this concern is solved, you can get dental sedation without having second thoughts. 

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