How to How to Know if You Need an Emergency Room or an Emergency Dentist in Miramar

When you’re experiencing a painful toothache or a broken tooth, who do you see: an emergency dentist in Miramar or an emergency room doctor? While there may be some debate, there are some situations that can be handled by a professional, emergency dentist. Alternatively, there are accidents that most certainly call for an ER medical professional. Here’s how to tell the difference:

When You Should Call an Emergency Dentist in Miramar

If your conditions are not life-threatening, an emergency dentist can take care of broken teeth, severe toothaches, chipped teeth, or a lost filling. While many individuals consider going to an ER, there is usually quite a long wait. With a dentist, emergency dental take priority. Therefore, it is recommended to visit a dentist for injuries or accidents that don’t involve life or death, fevers, or rashes.

When You Should Go to the Emergency Room

Hospitals are the best choice if the injuries are severe and life-threatening. If an accident causes jaw, mouth, or face damage, an ER will be better equipped to handle more intensive situations. Diseases or infections are also best treated in the ER, as they can lead to more issues down the road.

Where to Find an Emergency Dentist

When an accident happens, it can be overwhelming to locate an emergency dentist in Miramar. Saving Sedation Dental Spa of South Florida in the family’s contact list may be beneficial for the future. Instead of frantically searching for answers, one call is all it takes. Michael A. Gorman, DMD is a Florida College of Dentistry Graduate and a University of Florida Graduate. Dr. Gorman understands emergency visits can be frightening, which is why he offers IV or oral sedation during procedures. Sedation Dental Spa can also help with routine dental care. Call 954-433-4300 today to schedule your first appointment!