Most Important Reasons To Floss Regularly

We all know that flossing can be tedious. That is why many people skip this step during their oral hygiene routine. You know that by doing this, the dentist at our dental spa in Lighthouse Point will remind (or lecture) you about the benefits of flossing. We ask our clients to floss regularly because flossing will ensure a healthy mouth. There are many benefits of flossing and here we will explain our top seven reasons to floss consistently.

How To Floss?

What do the steps in your oral hygiene routine look like? For many Americans, there is only one step: brushing. However, your routine should consist of multiple steps, and flossing should be the very first one. Make sure to floss gently because incorrect flossing can damage your gums. What are the next steps in your routine? Do they look anything like this?

  • Brush your teeth (preferably with a fluoride toothpaste) for at least two minutes
  • Gargle mouthwash
  • Scrape your tongue

Every routine looks slightly different but, in general, these steps can ensure good oral hygiene.

Removes Plaque

Your toothbrush is not able to remove all the plaque that builds up on your teeth. Plaque, a substance that settles on and between teeth, can cause many problems, including cavities and gum disease. When people eat, plaque quickly goes to work, hardening within hours. Any plaque that does not get removed within 48 hours will get stuck between your teeth and will become difficult to remove other than through professional cleaning.

Prevents Cavities

Children who eat a lot of candy are not the only ones who develop cavities. Even if you brush your teeth twice daily, if you skip flossing, cavities are more likely to develop on your teeth and between the tiny crevices of the teeth. Those cavities between your teeth can cause more discomfort, pain, and oral complications than cavities that appear directly on the tooth. By flossing, you can reach those tiny crevices that your toothbrush bristles cannot reach and eliminate.

Prevents Bleeding Gums

When your gums are bleeding, you should not ignore it. Bleeding gums are a sign of gingivitis and inflammation. Bacteria is the main culprit behind your bleeding gums. Fortunately, flossing can eliminate bleeding by removing the bacteria around your gum line. When fewer bacteria are present, your gums will bleed less.

Prevents Gingivitis

Since we have already mentioned gingivitis, we may as well share that another benefit of flossing is it keeps gingivitis at bay. Gingivitis is a painful gum disease that causes inflammation in the gum. It is caused by poor oral hygiene, so if you do not floss, naturally you are more likely to experience this disease. Bleeding gums and gingivitis go hand in hand. So, if you spot blood, you most likely have gingivitis and need to brush or floss more often. If the bleeding persists and you are not sure why, schedule a visit with our team at Sedation dentist in Lighthouse Point.

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body

Did you know that poor oral hygiene can lead to systemic health conditions and diseases, like heart disease and stroke? Likewise, a healthy body can ensure a healthy mouth. Because flossing is such an integral step in your oral hygiene, it is no surprise that it plays a big role in your overall health. If you have experienced serious conditions/diseases in the past, good oral hygiene reduces your chances of the issue progressing or reoccurring. This also applies to people who have health conditions and diseases in their families.

Good For Pregnant Women

Why is flossing so important for pregnant women? There are two major reasons. The first is obvious: flossing is good for everyone, so naturally pregnant women fall under this category. The second may surprise you: flossing can protect the infant, as well. If you are pregnant and you do not floss, chances of having gum disease are increased. Gum disease can lead to serious problems for your unborn child and may even cause premature birth. Your body is currently your child’s home, so it is important to keep the environment as healthy as possible.

Improves Your Smile

Who doesn’t want a beautiful, confident smile? We are in the business of improving smiles, so we know when people think about improving their smile, braces and brushing usually come to mind. Flossing should too, as it helps create whiter teeth. It also reduces bad breath, which can help people build their confidence and self-esteem.

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You may not want to floss, but the fact remains that you have to floss to maintain oral hygiene. Floss, brush twice daily and schedule routine appointments at our Dental spa in Lighthouse Point. Contact us or call 954.946.8484 today.