The Pros and Cons of Invisalign in Lighthouse Point

Are you self-conscious about your smile? You don’t need to hide your smile in pictures anymore because there’s a better solution out there for you and no it’s not braces. We are talking about Invisalign in Lighthouse Point! Our team from Sedation Dental Spa are here to share with you a few pros and cons so you can finally stop hiding your smile!  

The pros 

  • Invisalign is practically invisible which means that no one will have to know unless you tell them that you are on a journey for a straighter smile.  
  • Invisalign are two trays that are customized to your teeth and are easy to take off when you eat so you won’t have food stuck in them.  
  • Since they are two trays fit for your teeth they will gradually have to change every week or so when you receive your new trays. Since you’re gradually changing the trays out, you won’t notice such pain like you would have to deal with if you get traditional braces. 
  • You won’t have to deal with any wires poking out either because Invisalign trays are free of wires and brackets. 
  • Invisalign is also a safe alternative to braces because they are BPA free plastic liners which means they are free of any harmful toxins. 
  • The time will fly with Invisalign and before you know it, your smile will be perfect and you will be walking around smiling 24/7! 

The cons 

  • You will have to remove your aligners when you’re eating because certain hot drinks will stain your aligners.  
  • Invisalign requires a lot of attention to oral hygiene because every time you put in your trays, it will show what you ate if you don’t floss properly. 
  • You can’t break the rules with Invisalign or your smile won’t be the way you want it to be at all. You have to keep it on for at least 22 hours a day to make sure you are getting the time it needs to move around and straighten your smile. 

How can I get started? 

Are you ready to stop hiding your smile when you take pictures? You deserve to show off those pearly whites no matter how crooked your teeth are and with Invisalign you will be able to do so with confidence. You will see that the journey is worth it once you start seeing some changes. Get started today for a better smile tomorrow by giving us a call and scheduling a consultation!