Sedation Dentistry in Lighthouse Point Will Help You Get Over Your Dental Phobia

It’s been called dental phobia – the fear of going to the dentist. And it’s real. Anxiety prevents many of us from going to the dentist. That’s a problem. But that’s the reason why, here at Sedation Dental Spa of South Florida, we offer sedation dentistry in Lighthouse Point. That’s our specialty.

Feel Relaxed at Your Next Dentist Appointment with Sedation Dentistry in Lighthouse Point

You’re not alone in your fear of going to the dentist. It’s been reported that between 5% and 8% of us avoid visiting our dentist because of anxiety or fear. Here are the signs you suffer from a dental phobia:

  • Trouble sleeping the night before your appointment
  • Feelings of nervousness that worsen in the dentist’s waiting room
  • Arriving at the dentist office but being unable to go inside
  • Crying or feeling physically ill at the very thought of visit the dentist
  • Intense uneasiness at the thought of, and actually when, a dentist or hygienist places objects in your mouth, suddenly feeling like it is difficult to breathe.

SOURCE: Cleveland Clinic
Now—why or how did this develop? The main reason cited for fearing the dentist is because, at some point, you had a bad experience in the dentist’ chair. For some people, the act of just sitting in the chair alone can bring back painful or unpleasant memories. But you’ll be in good hands with our highly skilled team here at Sedation Dental Spa of South Florida.
We can handle all of your dental needs right here in our office, in a relaxed and comfortable setting. We offer Sedation Dentistry for all dental procedures, providing you with a safe and completely relaxed dental appointment. We offer lots of services here, including:

  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Dental Implants
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Invisalign

Hopefully, your dental phobia won’t prevent you from at least calling us to make an appointment. When looking for a dentist that offers sedation dentistry in Lighthouse Point, call the best -Sedation Dental Spa of South Florida, at (954) 946-8484.