When to Seek Emergency Dental Care in Miramar

If you’re searching for an emergency dentist in Miramar for your child, you want to find the best dentist available. Fortunately, not all dental problems are very serious, but some situations require the immediate aid of an experienced emergency dentist. It can be difficult to tell when to visit a dentist and when to go to the local emergency room. Sedation Dental Spa is your one-stop dental shop for emergency dental care. We know that accidents can happen, and they can occur at any time. Part of what makes Sedation Dental Spa different is that we understand that some people have a fear of the dental office. It could be anything from a fear that never left them from childhood or a very traumatic dental experience. At Sedation Dental Spa, our caring team understands these concerns and makes every effort to help allay your fears in our comfortable stress-free dentist office environment. We offer several sedative options that can be tailored to your specific needs.  

What Does Requires Emergency Dental Care in Miramar    

Three of the most common reasons to see an emergency dentist in Miramar immediately include missing fillings, broken teeth, and suspected infection. None of these issues are ever easy to deal with, and sometimes they might even be a little scary causing you not to seek immediate help.   

1.Sports Injuries.

Studies show that sports injuries are the major cause of fractures. If you play a sport or you have children who play a sport, it’s terrifying to think about losing a tooth or at least a portion of one. Fortunately, an emergency dentist in Miramar will know exactly what to do, and how best to fix the tooth. 

 2.Lost fillings.

Lost fillings also happen quite frequently. Sometimes, they can be caused by biting into something too hard or by being involved in an accident. If the filling does come out, there’s no need to panic. You’ll just need to make an emergency appointment with an emergency dentist in Miramar as soon as possible to fix the filling. It may be sensitive, so try to stay away from extreme temperatures if possible. They can also put an implant in if necessary.   


If you feel that your gums are hurting or swollen or you’re experiencing a very painful toothache, an experienced dentist can help assess the situation. If it’s pain, they may be able to provide a painkiller. If it’s an infection, they’ll do their research to better understand what the next steps should be such as treatment with an antibiotic.    

At Sedation Dental Spa, we provide you with the best sedation possible specializing in IV sedation, implants, full mouth restoration and “teeth in a day.” If you need an emergency dentist in Miramar or want to find out about any of our other restorative services, give Sedation Dental Spa of South Florida a call today in Miramar at 954-433-4300.