Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

When patients think of undergoing dental procedures, they are often concerned about feeling uncomfortable or anxious. However, most dental professionals want their patients to feel comfortable and have a pleasant experience when they visit the dentist. One way that dentists can help is by offering sedation dentistry.

At Sedation Dental Spa of South Florida, with sedation dentistry, the patients feel calm during their procedures and sleep through the entire appointment. This is a significant benefit of sedation dentistry because it takes any stress out of the experience. The dentist can complete all of the treatment in a single appointment.

Types of Sedation Used in Dentistry

Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral conscious sedation can be used during any dental procedure and is especially useful for patients who experience anxiety about dental treatments. Patients who undergo oral conscious sedation can respond to verbal cues from the dentist but typically don’t remember much about the appointment afterward. Some patients doze off during treatment, while others remain awake. 

Nitrous Oxide

Talk to our dentist about nitrous oxide sedation if you experience anxiety or nervousness when you’re in the dentist’s chair. This mild sedative is administered through a mask that fits over your nose and helps you relax during your procedure. Our dentist can adjust the level of sedation you receive, so if you’re nervous about being completely unconscious, this is a good option. You’ll feel calm and relaxed throughout your visit.

With nitrous oxide sedation, you remain in control of your body throughout the procedure. You’ll be able to respond to the dentist as needed but you won’t feel pain or any discomfort. 

IV Sedation

If you experience severe anxiety or have trouble getting numb, you may benefit from IV sedation. This treatment involves administering a combination of sedatives through an IV drip. As the medication takes effect, patients feel a deep sense of relaxation. They often have little to no memory of the procedure once it is complete. 

Is Sedation Dentistry Right for You?

If fear and anxiety have kept you from receiving the dental care you need, sedation dentistry can help you overcome your concerns and get the treatment you need to restore your oral health. Our team of dental professionals prides itself on providing compassionate care in a calming environment. We offer nitrous oxide, oral conscious, and IV sedation to help make your appointments pleasant and relaxed. 

Visit Sedation Dental Spa of South Florida at 18431 Miramar Pkwy, Miramar 33029, or 2028 East Sample Road, Lighthouse Point 33064, for the best dental care. You can also contact our Miramar office at (954) 433-4300 or our Lighthouse Point office at (954) 946-8484. 

Our practice offers a range of options from mild to deep sedation so you can receive the treatments you need to ensure optimal oral health in a relaxed and comfortable environment. 


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