The Tooth Implant in Miramar and Helping You Understand the Process

Tooth implants in Miramar are becoming increasingly popular, with more people becoming older and the lack of dental care. Statistics show that 120 million people are missing at least one tooth, and 36 million have no teeth at all. 

In Florida, the average costs for having implants are $5 thousand and up. Insurance only covers so much and the rest must be paid for by you. The main result is more people have teeth missing and are turning to dental implants to address these issues. 

Not all are the same, and different types are available depending on the person and what is required. 

Determining if they are right for you means understanding the various steps involved and the types of implants. These factors help you to make a wise decision about the best options when it comes to your dental needs. 


Before doing any tooth implant, a planning session must occur where there is a review of what is involved. It looks at things such as your oral hygiene, the health of the tissues, teeth, and what is involved. 

These factors help to decide the angle of other teeth, the position, and stents using computer simulations. The planning session goes over this to make the best determinations about what to do moving forward. 

The Process

A tooth implant in Miramar involves several steps to include reflection, speed, placement, and adaptation. Reflection is making an opening that exposes the bone to anchor the implant and ensure it is stable. 

The speed is where pilot holes are drilled at higher speeds to mitigate the pressure and burning. A slower speed drill is used to increase the size of the hole with water to keep the temperature down. 

The placement is when the implant is screwed into place and secured to the bone. The adaption is using the gingiva surrounding the implant to build healthy and firm tissue. If there is not enough bone to anchor the implant, a bone graph increases it. 

Then, soft tissues are reconstructed surrounding the gingival to improve the strength of the implant over the long-term. 

Kinds of Dental Implants in Miramar 

There are different dental implants depending on the amount of work and what is necessary to secure the tooth in place. These include subperiosteal, endosteal, bone augmentation, ridge expansion, and sinus lift. The ones utilized depend on the condition of your teeth, gums, and the structure beneath them. 

  • Subperiosteal are implants that go beneath the gums, but they are over the jaw in the upper and lower regions of your mouth.  They are used when there is not enough bone to attach to the implant, or you don’t want to go through a bone augmentation. 
  • Bone augmentation is rebuilding the bone in your jaw when there is not enough to secure the implants. It strengthens the tooth implantation and allows it to grow and solidify in the jaw. 
  • Endosteal is when implants are placed at the jaw using small titanium screws to secure them. 
  • Ridge expansion occurs when your jaw is not wide enough to fasten the dental implants securely. It creates ridges and added spaces along the top of your jaw to ensure the implant attaches correctly. 
  • A sinus lift adds bone beneath the sinus where the bone is missing from higher back teeth. 

The Recovery

The recovery process depends on the number of implants and the thickness of the bone. There is no universal amount of time, and you must ensure the implants are regularly cleaned to reduce plaque buildup.  You should plan on having some repairs every ten years from changes in the color of the crown and porcelain. The recovery process will vary case by case, but your dentist will be able to go over this in detail during your initial consultation. 

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