Tips to Clean Invisalign

Invisalign is a unique and innovative way to straighten your teeth without braces or extensive hardware. These clear, customized liners fit snugly over the teeth, discreetly moving teeth into alignment without the need for unsightly, heavy braces.

Caring for your Invisalign aligners is an essential part of a well-rounded dental restoration plan. Rinsing alone after eating and drinking may not be enough; you’ll need to learn how to effectively clean your aligners to take a proactive approach to your dental health. Follow these Invisalign dentist top tips for cleaning and care of your Invisalign device.

Use the Proper Cleaning Accessories

Several cleaning products exist on the market for cleaning tooth trays and dentures, but they may not be ideal for cleaning Invisalign braces. The company sells a package of specialized cleaning accessories that are proven effective at removing dirt, debris, and restoring your Invisalign to a sparkling clean state in between each use.


A steraligner liquid product with an accompanying tray is designed to remove all traces of debris and bacteria. Simply place your aligners in a liquid solution of rubbing alcohol and sodium bicarbonate, and let the effervescent action do the rest.

Cleaning Crystals

Invisalign also sells a product known as “cleaning crystals,” a mineral element that you dissolve in water and soak aligners in for 15-20 minutes. The crystals contain cleansing agents like sodium sulfate, designed to sweep away impurities and refresh Invisalign trays with minimal brushing.

Brush After Soaking

After soaking your Invisalign trays in an effervescent solution, it will be essential to brush away additional impurities and give a final rinse before use. Even though you switch out trays every two weeks during a straightening protocol, it’s a good idea to commit to a thorough cleansing regimen to reduce the likelihood of developing infections and cavities. Cleansing at night before bed at the same time you brush and floss your teeth will help remove any accumulated food, bacteria, and debris that has accumulated through the day.

Other Care Tips

Invisalign Florida professionals suggest that you always take aligners out when you eat and drink. Food particles can quickly build up in aligners, damaging the material and reducing their ability to effectively straighten your teeth. Do not use very hot water to clean trays, as this can soften material and cause it to change its shape. Make sure you store aligners in an airtight container when not using them. The use of these best practices will help keep your Invisalign clean and treatment effective.

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