Traditional Braces or Invisalign in Lighthouse Point

More and more individuals begin switching over to Invisalign braces in Lighthouse Point, as opposed to traditional braces. Are there any benefits of choosing traditional braces? Some people still think so. It’s important to note that each option has beneficial qualities. No set of teeth is identical, and that means that the pathway to a more beautiful smile is incredibly personal. There are a few key ways to tell which option is more favorable.  

Getting Aligned with Invisalign Braces in Lighthouse Point 

First and foremost, it’s important to know the core differences between the two products. Braces are made of a metal that is attached to the front of the teeth. Braces offer more precision than Invisalign, which is perfect for a single tooth that is out of place. However, if the overall goal is to merely straighten or make room, Invisalign may be the better option. Undoubtedly, Invisalign provides users with a more incognito and comfortable experience. Braces have a reputation of being scratchy and difficult to eat with. They’re also at the forefront of every conversation and smile. Alternatively, Invisalign works behind the teeth, staying out of the way and allowing wearers to eat just about anything!  

Another significant advantage of wearing Invisalign is that they have a shorter wear time. Braces are a two-year commitment, where Invisalign can be less than a year. If you’re looking to have a beautiful smile quickly, Invisalign may be the option for you. A dental professional can help you analyze your personal needs. They’ll be able to take a look at your teeth in detail, letting you know which option is the best. Regardless of what direction you’re leaning, it’s essential to have a dentist who cares. Sedation Dental Spa is the perfect example. They know that it’s difficult to dedicate time to get to the dental office, and they also understand how scary it can be to make such a life-changing decision. If dentist offices are stressful for you, their team offers a sedative IV. With a relaxing, no pain, visit, you can rest easy knowing that your follow-ups will be a breeze. For a dentist experience unlike all others, consider getting your Invisalign braces at Lighthouse Point. Call Sedation Dental Spa today at 954-946-8484, and start reaching your smile goals!