Types of Teeth Whitening

This is a way of brightening teeth, making them appear whiter by removing stains, most commonly caused by drinking tea, coffee, and red wine. Teeth may also become yellow over time because of certain medications or if they are exposed to too much fluoride. While it is possible to treat teeth that have turned grey or brown, teeth bleaching is generally used to make teeth appear whiter.

Sedation Dental Spa in Lighthouse Point Florida offers several different types of in-office bleaching options that can be used to help brighten one’s smile. Let’s divulge three major types of teeth whitening solutions available in the market today.

Custom Fit Tray Bleaching

For most people, the most effective option is custom-fit tray bleaching. In this form of treatment, you visit a dentist who will make an impression of your teeth which is then used to create a set of custom-fit bleaching trays that are worn at home. The dentist paints the teeth with a bleaching solution, then fits the trays over them to stay in place for several hours during the time the bleaching takes place. This method is usually performed over two or more office visits and can take anywhere from 20 minutes to one hour for each visit.

Whitening Strips

Another option is to use whitening strips. Whitening strips are typically worn overnight or while you go about your usual activities without having to visit a dentist. They generally contain peroxide, which penetrates the enamel of the teeth and breaks apart stains. The strips work best on surface stains that can be removed with regular brushing or scrubbing. You can buy whitening strips at your local drugstore or online.

Over-the-Counter Bleaching Products

Over-the-counter options are available to patients who wish to achieve a more immediate effect. They are also suitable for patients who only have mild staining of their teeth. OTC products can be purchased at pharmacies, grocery stores, and other retail locations.

  • Whitening Toothpaste – These toothpastes are available in both prescription and non-prescription forms. Although the effects are minimal, they still provide an improvement. They utilize stain-removing ingredients, such as baking soda, to remove surface stains. Whitening toothpaste usually has lower concentrations of peroxide compared to whitening strips or trays.
  • Professional Strength Mouthwashes – There are some mouthwashes that can be purchased at retail stores that contain peroxide or baking soda. These products may also help whiten teeth, but more research is needed to determine the benefits of these products.

Whitening procedures are generally safe but may not be the best option for everyone. If you have gum problems, particularly gingivitis, any type of in-office bleaching might cause further damage to your gums and lead to serious infections. Teeth that are already very sensitive or receding gums should be treated with caution. In this case, it is best to consult with a professional before pursuing bleaching procedures.


The most important thing to consider before choosing a teeth-whitening solution is whether your teeth are healthy enough for treatment. If you have had extensive dental work done or if you suffer from dry mouth, teeth bleaching may not be recommended. Talk to your dental professional about the best option for you. If you’re in Lighthouse Point Florida looking for teeth whitening solutions, Sedation Dental Spa of South Florida is the place to be.