What Does a Full Mouth Reconstruction Mean?

Generally, a full mouth reconstruction means replacing all of your missing teeth with implants, an upper or lower dental plate, or a denture with metal wires and dental implants. The implant can adapt to the surrounding bone and attach to the jawbone and other jaw parts. The implants are then bonded to the denture.


The result is a realistic appearance of fullness and shape similar to how teeth naturally look. For example, a full mouth reconstruction in which dental implants are used can create a surface that feels just like natural teeth.


Full Arch Reconstruction

Upper or lower dental plates can be placed over existing teeth, some of which may be missing. Sometimes, dentures with metal wires are used instead. Wires are connected to the denture, and hooks are placed into the jawbone. The full arch of teeth is attached to the jaw by hooks that have been inserted under the soft tissue of your gums or in front of your lips at the gum line.


Dental Implants

A dental implant is an artificial tooth in the form of a small screw or post placed in the jawbone. The implant is then attached to a prosthetic or removable dental device called an upper or lower dental plate. A dental implant can be used as either an alternative to all missing teeth or a partial replacement of one or several missing teeth. While dental implants are used in full mouth reconstructions, they can also be used to replace individual missing teeth.


Fixed Bridges

A fixed bridge is a removable dental device that spans the space of two adjacent teeth. The bridge is anchored on natural teeth or implants on either side. The middle section of a fixed bridge replaces the missing tooth with an artificial tooth, crown, or dental implant. A fixed bridge cannot be removed by the patient and must be maintained by routine hygiene appointments with a dentist.


Removable Dentures

Many sedation dentists in Miramar use these as a full mouth reconstruction procedure. They can be made using dental implants, metal wires, hooks, or acrylic. Dentures are false teeth that the patient can remove. This means they need to be cleaned at home just like natural teeth after each use. This method of restoring lost teeth is suitable for patients who may not want the harsh cleaning and maintenance of dental implants. This cost can save you a lot of money in the long run since dentures are typically less expensive than dental implants.


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