What is Invisalign and Who Can Benefit?

Braces are becoming a thing of the past, with more and more people opting to get clear braces in Miramar, otherwise known as Invisalign. The reason Invisalign aligners are becoming more common is that they do what braces can without the downsides. Instead of having a metal track running along with your teeth and a lengthy process, you can have a clear aligner and a quick process. The best part is that you can get the Invisalign aligners at Sedation Dental Spa in Miramar, Florida. After one consultation with us, you can learn more about aligners and if they can benefit you.


But, while you wait for your appointment, let our team fill you in on what you need to know. We break down what Invisalign is and who can benefit.


What is Invisalign?

Invisalign are the clear aligners that straighten out the teeth. They have the same impact as braces but do not require half of the maintenance that it takes for braces to straighten out the teeth. Instead of getting the braces tightened and adjusted, your aligners can go for a while without needing any fixing. The process is also relatively quick. Many people find that they complete the process between a year and a half to two years and a half. This timeframe is significantly quicker than braces would be.


You can also take out the aligners whenever you want instead of being stuck with the metal tracks. This removal option is excellent for those who want to have the ability to brush, eat, and drink as usual. Or, if you are a business professional or student who needs to give a presentation, you can pop the aligner out to do so.


Who Can Benefit the Most From Invisalign?

Many people can benefit from getting clear braces in Miramar. One example is someone who does not want the appearance of braces but wants straight teeth. With the Invisalign aligner, you can have an aligner straightening your teeth out without anyone even knowing that you have a device in your mouth. Many people who did not get braces in their childhood opt to do this option.


Another group of people who can benefit is those who had braces but had their teeth shift. The shifting can get caused by failure to wear the retainer and wisdom teeth growing in. Either way, you likely want the smile you invested in to be perfect without gaps or crooked teeth. With the help of the Invisalign aligner, you can fix your smile in no time and have it back to being flawless. And since you already have mostly straight or semi-straight teeth, you will likely get your results much more quickly.


The last group of people who can benefit is those who have never had braces before but want to straighten their teeth. The aligners can straighten out almost every smile with few exceptions. Those who have severe teeth fixes might not qualify for aligners. But, the only way to find out is to come in for a consultation at Sedation Dental Spa. During the appointment, our dentists can take a look at your smile and see if you can benefit from Invisalign.


Who is an Ideal Candidate?

The ideal candidate is someone who can benefit from Invisalign, as deemed by our dental professionals. This person must also have realistic expectations. Everything from a realistic timeline to following the guidelines is part of getting the best results. For instance, the aligner needs to get worn for at least 22 hours out of the day. Wearing it less or skipping days can result in the teeth remaining the same or the process dragging along.


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