What IV Sedation Dentistry Is And How It Can Benefit You

For many of us, going to the dentist requires a bit of courage. Just the thought of having to make an appointment can cause anxiety and stress. A survey conducted by the ADA showed that 22% of Americans say fear of the dentist is why they don’t make regular appointments. IV sedation dentistry might be the answer you have been looking for if the pain is a concern for you.

Sedation Dental Spa of South Florida offers IV sedation dentistry services for all dental procedures. This service will provide you with a relaxing, gentle, and safe experience. With just one visit, your fear of the dentist can be alleviated. 

The way IV sedation is administered.

A sedative is introduced into your bloodstream through a very thin needle. It is placed in a vein on either your hand or arm. Though this isn’t usually painful, a numbing cream can be applied if you prefer. 

While you are sedated, your dentist will be constantly monitoring you. They will keep an eye on your vital signs to ensure there isn’t a negative reaction to the sedative. You will also be checked on after the procedure before the dentist sends you home.

How it will make you feel.

The main benefit of IV sedation dentistry is the fact that you will experience little to no discomfort. It will put you into a state of deep relaxation. It does not put you to sleep but you will not be aware of any pain you may be experiencing due to the procedure. 

You will most likely have little to no memory of the procedure or the details of it. After the procedure, you may still feel slightly drowsy. This is normal and will subside within a few hours. You may still experience some amnesia as well, so its’ best to have help if you can and to plan a day of relaxation after your visit.

The benefits of IV sedation dentistry.

There are many benefits associated with IV sedation dentistry. Some of these advantages are:

  • You will experience minimal pain.
  • The sedative works faster than other sedation methods since it enters your bloodstream.
  • You will still be able to breathe on your own, move, and respond to the dentist.
  • Recovery is faster than other forms of sedation.
  • Multiple procedures can be done in one visit. Allowing you to get more done in less time while also saving you money.
  • There is less discomfort and fewer side effects than other forms of sedation.
  • It allows anyone with dental anxiety to visit the dentist more frequently.

Sedation Dental Spa will give you a completely relaxing and safe dental experience. Our highly skilled team can repair years of neglect ensuring your oral health is at its best. 

Why IV sedation dentistry is the right choice.

For anyone who has a fear of the dentist, the choice is obvious. Maybe you hate those injections in your jaw from that huge needle or you simply don’t like the idea of someone poking around in your mouth. If you have a low pain threshold, IV sedation is the answer.

Sedation Dental Spa provides complete dental services including emergency appointments. We also provide Botox treatments and sleep apnea appliances if these are issues you deal with as well. 

Treat yourself to the most rewarding dental experience available. We can give you the smile you always wanted with little pain.

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